Our History

In 1957, Parkview Baptist Church was established by a group of foresighted Baptist believers in a developing neighborhood of dynamic population growth. During this early period, Metairie was far different from today. Although it consisted of vast tracts of undeveloped acreage, it was rapidly becoming a populated suburb growing with migrations from its larger neighbor to the east, the city of New Orleans. Each year, the Airline Park area was developing through the influx of an ever-growing number of families.


In this area of promising growth, the First Baptist Church of New Orleans established a mission church. From its mission roots consisting of scattered members meeting and individual homes, the church rapidly grew into a congregation of individuals dedicated to Christian fellowship, evangelism, and worship.


The first service held on the present church property occurred with the completion of the first building in 1960. This building was designed as a fellowship hall with a sanctuary planned for the future. The church steadily grew adding buildings and programs. A second building was added in 1963. This was a two-story building designed for educational purposes. A third building, completed in 1967, provided for offices, a fellowship hall, and more educational space.


The need for reaching out to the children of the community was realized in 1965 with the start of a kindergarten program. This was enhanced in 1974 with the addition of a “Mother’s-Day-out” program. Both programs are successful and in 1986 were combined into a full-time weekday Early Education Program. By the grace of God, this program has continued to grow and to minister to many families in this community. 


In 1984, Parkview sponsored a Spanish mission, the El Camino Spanish Baptist mission. By the end of 1992, the mission had an enrollment of 170 with an average attendance of 57. In 2001, the congregation moved to a new location and experienced blessing and growth.


A major milestone in the life of Parkview came in 1997 the dedication of a new sanctuary. Planning for this sanctuary began as far back as 1992 with the establishment of a “find us faithful” program to raise funds for construction. Through multi-year program of fundraising, groundbreaking began in January with completion of the sanctuary in October 1997. Words cannot express the planning, prayers, and sacrifice that went to the accomplishment of this goal. Brick-and-mortar are only the surface expression of the leap of faith shown by dedicated people.


In 2007, Parkview celebrated its 50th anniversary of the founding of the church and 10th anniversary of the new sanctuary. Is a great time of homecoming looking back on church accomplishments and planning for the future.


Throughout the years, Parkview has reached out to the community through these various programs – always seeking to carry out their ministries in a loving and caring manner as directed by Christian principles. In looking back on the compliments of the church, we soon realized that the big events and celebrations, although certainly meaningful and necessary, are only reflections of the true purpose and successes of God’s people. Although it is great to be excited and fulfilled about bigger buildings and more people, we know that our true accomplishments are much more subtle. As we go along this journey through time and as history unfolds, our true measure of accomplishments come from becoming like God, serving him, and sharing the good news with others. The true history of Parkview is reflected in how effective it has been in achieving these goals.