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5 Marks of a Christian Who Understands the Riches of Christ - Pastor Pogue

The Book of Ephesians, Day 5

Ephesians 3:1-8

  1. First mark: they are a person of Surrender

  • See verse 1

  • Paul is a prisoner of Jesus Christ!

  • Notice he does not say he is a prisoner of Rome

  • Can we say this about ourselves? Are we prisoners of Christ

  • Note: Commitment is not the same as surrender - commitments can change, surrender is giving up control of commitments!

  • How do you know you are surrendered? You say “Yes sir!” To the command of Christ! Do you ask questions first or do you obey? Do you follow his plan and routine or your own?

  • “For this cause” Paul was called a prisoner of Christ - for which cause? For the building of the church by Jesus.

  • We surrender to God for the building of His church, and indeed nothing satisfies our souls like Jesus and surrender to Him!


2. Second mark: they are Stewards

  • Paul explains that we are stewards as well, in charge of carrying out God's work here on this earth. See verse 2

  • Note the parable of the talents and stewards

  • God has given us spiritual “coins” to be invested, we are the head managers of God's family business here on earth?

  • Are we being good stewards of what we've been entrusted with?

  • God has called us to earnestly contend for the Gospel truth! Been given a stewardship of the Gospel. Jude 1:3

  • We cannot maximize our ministry by minimizing Doctrine and Theology for this reason.

  • We must walk by faith as we steward our charge.

  • Our primary stewardship is right where you are, your church, your Sunday school class, your ministry involvement, to the surrounding community


3. Third mark: a person of Spiritual Power

  • See v 3-4

  • Paul wants us to know that understanding Christ is understanding the power he has given us. The same power that raised Jesus is available to us

  • It is sad to see Christians live defeated lives!

  • See Numbers 13 - example of defeated believers - the spies gave a bad report, even though God had promised the reward ahead of time. They were defeated spiritually by the adversity they saw, and this is the attitude of so many believers.

  • Paul explained that he gained incredible insight through meditating on God's Word

  • We will see an increase in our ability to do the work as we meditate on God's Word


4. Fourth mark: a person of Humility

  • Vs 8

  • Paul considered himslelf the least of all the apostles

  • He recognized what Christ saved him from

  • He was humble because he saw his faults in relation to God's mercy.

  • Billy Graham, one of the greatest preachers ever, lived a life characterized by humility.

  • 7 marks of  humility: overlooks his own righteousness, lowest menial task is not below him, submits to every truth of God, lives Christ's actions, accepts lessons from others, blesses God and is thankful even in misery, and he will wisely and patiently bear reproof.


5. Fifth mark: a person of Joy

  • You will enjoy sharing the Gospel of Christ

  • Paul overflowed with love sharing Christ with others

  • If you love Christ, you will enjoy talking about him!

  • Paul calls the good news “the unsearchable Riches of Christ”

  • We will never understand all of his glory and our learning of Him will extend into eternity - how marvelous!

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