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How to Strengthen the Inner Man - Pastor Pogue


The Book of Ephesians, Day 6

Ephesians 3:14-21

  • There is a difference in the way the world understands a person and the way a Christian understands a person
  • There is a body and a soul or spirit

  • Notice throughout the scripture mentions the body and the spirit

  • The inner man is the spirit

  • There is an inner man that needs to be strengthened

  • This morning, will talk about 4 ways to strengthen the inner man

  1. Approach the Father (vs. 14)

    1. See what Paul says in vs 14 - I bow my knees unto the Father

    2. How should we approach the father?

    3. Approach him reverently - “bow on my knees”

    4. Approach him redemptively - through “our Lord Jesus Christ” - not by our good works or laurels

    5. Approach him reflectivity -  v 15 - we are all a part of the family of God because of Jesus Christ

  1. Exercise the Spirit (v 16)

    1. The Holy Spirit does work to strengthen the inner man - the Spirit is a gift from God to strengthen the inner man.

    2. What does the Spirit do?

      1. Energizes our spirit (Romans 8:11)

      2. Testifies of our salvation (Romans 8:16). We have confidence of our salvation because of the Spirits testimony

      3. Helps our prayers (8:27-28)

    3. How to exercise the spirit?

      1. Acknowledge the Spirit in prayer

      2. Yield to Him in prayer

      3. Obey Him in actions

  1. Grow in Love (v 17)

    1. The indwelling of Christ in our hearts leads to our being rooted and grounded in love

    2. In order to grow, we need the right roots!

    3. Length of his love - from eternity to eternity. God loves us from before the foundation of the world through eternity

    4. Breadth of his love - loves us no matter how good or bad we have been

    5. Depth of his love - he was willing to die for you

    6. Height of his love - reaches beyond the universe

  1. Walk by Faith (v 20)

    1. God can provide for all our needs! See v 20

    2. If he can do this, it follows that we should follow his commands.

    3. Promises: he is able to do exceedingly more, to do abundantly more, than you can ask or think

  • When you are strengthened in the inner man, God gets the glory and you get the blessing.

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