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The Riches of Our New Life in Christ - Pastor Pogue

The book of Ephesians, Day 3

Eph 2:1-10

Man's desperate estate (v 1-3)

  • Continuing Ephesians study today

  • We have a world of walking dead

  • People are dead in their trespasses and sins apart from Christ

  • We were children of disobedience apart from Christ.

  • Can you love God apart from Jesus? The answer is no.

  • Imagine if your child comes up to you and says “Dad I don't love you” - this is what we do to God apart from Christ

  • We were also children of wrath apart from Christ

  • People are walking condemned apart from Christ

  • Why is God angry at sin? Consider the devastating consequences of sin - theft, murder, rape, holocaust. We get angry at those things and we are sinful! How much more does a Holy God abhor sin and evil!

  • Before christ, we walked according to the list of the flesh - according to the satisfaction of our own desires.

  • Improvement of our station in life does not improve the emptiness in our hearts

  • Consider all the stories of those who have everything the world has to offer, but feel empty and wonder what the purpose of life is, they wonder what the purpose of life is.

  • The one thing that can fulfil our deepest desire is Christ

  • These things are the lot of the unbeliever

  • Notice Paul extends this to the Gentiles and the Jews - all are in a desperate situation, in need of a savior


God's Divine Exchange (v. 4-9)

  • We were desperate but God intervened!

  • God is a God of wrath and also a God of mercy!

  • The door of heaven swings upon the hinge of God's mercy.

  • God takes delight in saving sinners

  • God quickens us, gives life to us, breathes life into our dead bodies through Christ. God can keep us out of the eternal grave, which is something man and medicine will never be able to do

  • God raises us up from the grave we are in before Christ, and nothing can take our resurrection!

  • God gives us a seat at the divine table

  • It's our responsibility to place our faith in Christ.

  • In other religions, heaven is a reward. In Christianity it is a gift to be received

  • When we get to heaven, Jesus will continue to show us his marvelous grace for all the ages to come (v 7)


Christian's Divine Expression (v 10)

  • What are we designed to do?

  • We were created to serve Jesus and be satisfied through this! Serving Christ is the path to satisfaction.

  • God will bless your work if you give it to him (think of the fish and the loaves parable)

  • Salvation is a gift - not of works - and can be refused.

  • We have to actively place our faith in Christ and receive the gift of salvation. There is a “mansion built in heaven” but you must by faith take the keys


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